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Aggressive Strategies LLC

The initial concept for forming Aggressive Strategies LLC (ASL) was developed from my thoughts about the future beyond my “lifetime” (since 1969) business career in the floor covering industry and the extremely demanding role as President / COO of FlooResource, Inc. / Storefloors.

Organized as a Limited Liability Company in the State of Georgia in 2015, ASL initially began operating with minor equity positions in Commercial Real Estate developments. These investment partnerships acquired targeted properties, developed them for specific tenants, which entered into long term leases and then sold the properties after two years, once a financial track record and favorable tax treatment was obtained.

A key consideration for becoming a Private Investment Office, was that seeking, receiving and managing funds from outside investors has stringent regulations and adds substantial complexity. One of my primary goals was to spend less hours working with reduced responsibilities and significantly more unscheduled time for personal enjoyment. As a result, the decision to maintain simplicity was essentially made for me.

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The 2020-2021 Covid-19 outbreak served as an unplanned catalyst, leading to the subsequent shutdown of Storefloors and my premature departure from that business. However, the impact of this crisis on the stock market created new opportunities because of the depressed market values of stocks and mutual funds. As my time became more available to focus other non-Storefloors business matters, I developed a securities investment strategy for ASL. Rather than try to make all the “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell” decisions by myself, I would lean on the experience, knowledge and market savvy of proven Fund Managers with some of largest financial firms in the world.

I had prior personal experience with Fidelity Investments and The Vanguard Group, Inc., two of the oldest and best known financial investment firms. Both firms offer a broad array of investment products and are giants in the mutual fund sector with many high yield, low cost options.

While I knew about and previously followed some of the well-known financial “Super Stars”, I expanded my Fund Manager list so that ASL would have a diverse portfolio within multiple investment firms. This approach provides a wider range of input and each separate fund is strategically spread to a large group of individual investments. Essentially, ASL has mirrored mutual fund concepts and strategies but multiplied them through the use several investment firms to achieve substantial diversity. Ironically, both the Fidelity and Vanguard evaluations of Aggressive Strategies LLC portfolios are labeled as “Aggressive” which definitely matches my personal mindset and approach to business.

In addition to the investments in the Financial Markets and Commercial Real Estate, ASL will serve as a non-operating holding company for select opportunities to take minor equity positions in other businesses and start-up situations.

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